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Why is isolation so important in the lash game life?

Besides lash lengths and thickness, — isolation is one of the most important steps in lashing! Isolation ensures comfort while wearing eyelash extensions - If you ever had lashes that felt like they were tugging or tight on your eyelid this is because they were not properly isolated and applied. Isolation allows for the natural shedding process to take place – Every lash goes through a growth cycle and lashes that are stuck together cannot shed as they are intended.

Eyelashes go through three distinct phases in their growth cycle:

Anagen (active growth), Catagen (transition), and Telogen (resting).

Lashes that are not properly isolated may be pulled out ahead of time thus damaging the hair follicle -- and can even result in permanent damage & hair loss.

If you're new or beginning to lash, don't stress too much on time because it's the result that matters the most. We also all know that practice makes perfect. When you're first starting your full sets are going to take you a little longer, just remember to grant yourself some patience & let your friend/client know that you would rather make sure you're doing your job correctly & keeping the integrity of their lashes in mind with every stroke of a lash going into that glue ring. It can take from about 1.5 to 4 hours for the initial application, depending on the style you want to reach, and how experienced your lash artist is. The fill (touch-up) can take up to an hour or two.

Here are two links to some great practice dummy's that you can order and reuse over and over again until you feel comfortable having a live client.

Lil Pro Tip: Using magnifying glasses, good lighting, and taking breaks to do eye strengthening exercises are all going to help you to see better and thus, lash faster.

For clients with really light or sparse lashes you can take a pink marker and fill in the gel pad where the lashes rest. + practice, practice, practice.

if you're more of a visual learner & need more. I'm a huge LivBay fan & they have a a perfect video where she goes into detail about the different ways, & tips to get all those pesky hairs to leave no lash unlashed!

Mucho Amor, Always

-Amie <3

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