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Hi! My name is Amie Santiago and I am currently 26 years old and from Puerto Rico & Panama. I am the founder of AmieArtistry. which was originally something I have always been passionate about but never something I felt I could pursue fully--and fearfully I have! AmieArtistry is a one-stop shop for all of your beautification needs. The purpose is to help those all over the world feel their absolute best. When you look your best, you feel your best. Confidence is the most attractive thing a person can wear and I would love to be someone who can help someone achieve their dream look and allow their vision to come to life. Permanent Cosmetic + Eyelash Extension + Makeup (Vision: to be able to provide hair as well, + esthetic needs, (botox, facials, etc.) want to be a full-fledged beauty parlor where absolutely any & everything can be done.)

Story: Similar to other stories of entrepreneurs, I wanted more. I was paying bills by the age of fifteen and had to grow up much faster than my peers. I was raised by a single mother of two and every day saw my mom go above and beyond to make sure that my sister and I had what we needed in our lives and to ensure our happiness. I held my first position of leadership in a job at the age of seventeen, as manager of a restaurant. I was able to get my BA in Criminal Justice, and minor in Sociology from Old Dominion University, while also working about three jobs. I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, an organization whose philanthropy is about Breast Cancer Awareness & Education. Getting out of college everyone expects you to receive "adult jobs", but I could not find anything that I was more passionate about than chasing that little feeling of accomplishment after every person I've touched being filled with satisfaction and confidence with the work done for them. It's a euphoric feeling that makes you know that this is something you need to be chasing after.

Goal: I want to have the privilege to walk each guest into a comfortable and welcoming experience. Giving each person a personalized service to indulge each individual to the self care and love they desire and deserve on a consistent basis. 
Too often people neglect themselves because they feel like they cannot afford to pamper themselves. I not only want to open up as many studios as I can, but I would also like to use some of my profits to give back to my communities. I would like for women from all walks of life to experience what it’s like to look in the mirror and be happy with the person that looks back at them.

Thank you all so much for allowing my dreams + goals to become a reality & I can’t wait to continue this wild journey of life being able to do what I love & pursue all of my visions!
Amie Santiago




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Hey babes, I'm Mckenzie! I am so in love with what I do! My services include eyelash extensions, dermaplaning, henna brow tinting, & hydro jelly face masks! It is my top priority to make my clients happy and feel gorgeous! I have plans of expanding my service list in the future, so keep a lookout for new ways to treat yourself! 

As a young teen, I put on my first pair of strip lashes… when I looked in the mirror with lashes on, I just exuded confidence. I knew in that moment that lashes were my life!


I’ve always been super interested in doing beauty services. It didn’t take long for me to know that being a lash artist was my calling! I completed my lash training through AmieArtistry, thus McKenzie Artistry was born! The confidence I feel when I have my lashes on, is the same confidence I strive to give all of my clients! 


I’m 25 years old & I am originally from Indiana, but moved here to Norfolk back in 2020! In my spare time, I love to get outdoors & hang out with my dog Sugar. Since moving here, I’ve met tons of amazing people & have come to truly love it here! 


I look forward to continuing my education and becoming the best possible lash tech for my clients. I love what I do, I love who I do it with, and I love who I do it for! Don't be scared to contact me if you have any further comments or questions! I hope to see you in my salon sometime!


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