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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Summer is over, and fall is here! As the seasons change, it is very important to transition your beauty products and routine to fit your needs. Start doing these little things now, in order to transition and brace yourself for the cold winter months ahead! Below are 10 tips and tricks everyone should know!


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  • You need to still wear SPF. The sun doesn't take any time off, and even on cloudy days, the sun can still have effects on your skin. The easiest way to never forget your sunscreen is to buy a foundation with it already in it!

  • Moisturize likes your life depends on it. Have you ever felt like your skin is so dry you could just turn to dust? Yeah, well skin dries out super fast in colder weather. The best time to apply lotion is after drying off in the shower, your skin will soak up your lotion like a sponge!

  • Hand cream, keep it close. Dry hands are a super annoying part of the weather getting colder. Keep your hands feeling smooth by applying hand cream regularly. You can even get a little keychain hand lotion from Bath and Body Works to attach to your keys so you never have to go without! I personally love their aromatherapy line, what's your favorite scent?

  • Cuticle oil is a lifesaver. Hangnails are so obnoxious, not to mention sometimes painful! Avoid getting hangnails by applying a cuticle oil to your fingertips!

  • Keep your feet smooth by exfoliating them. Try getting a foot file to get rid of all your dead skin and keep those feet cute and smooth, once your done, moisturize with your favorite lotion!

  • Try a body scrub in the shower to exfoliate. I love adding in a oil-based exfoliant to my shower to scrub away all that dead and dry skin. It's a super easy step to add to your shower routine!

  • Switch your shower cleanser to something gentle and moisturizing. In the summer we tend to lean towards summery fragrances, but in the fall/winter months, we should start using something smoother and more moisturizing!

  • Try taking biotin to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails. In the colder months, our hair, skin, and nails tend to dry out more and are easier to break and damage. By taking biotin daily, you will notice a difference in the strength of your hair, skin, and nails, and it makes your nails and hair grow!

  • Switch to a gel or cream cleanser. Try not to use harsh cleansers on your skin, because its already enduring so much! Try a gel or cream cleanser because it is much more gentle on your skin!

  • Sleep with a humidifier. We tend to crank the heat in the house during the fall and winter months, so start sleeping with a humidifier on. This will not only help your sinuses, but it will put moisture in the air to help you feel much better. Trust me, you will notice a difference!

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